The Objectives Which The Sandwich And Snack Bar Desire To Achieve The Set Objectives

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Achievable - Are the objectives which the sandwich/snack bar has set, achievable and attainable? Realistic - Can the sandwich/snack bar convincingly achieve the objectives with the incomes the organisation have? Time – What specific time does the sandwich/snack bar desire to achieve the set objectives? The SMART objective must coincide with the promotional activity which takes place within the company as this will allow effective planning of money and resources. Also this will provide a realistic plan. Target Market: The client should concise the account decision-making in particular to who the product’s target markets are. The target market that is specifically aimed to the local industrial estate workers where the client aims to provide…show more content…
The timing could be affected by the holidays in the calendar such as Christmas, Easter, New Years Eve and New Years and Bank Holidays. For the Sandwich/snack bar, the timing is of key significance and it is highly important that plans for the pre-launch promotion are live, so that the awareness is brought up before hand to the specific target market and should be done much before the opening of the sandwich/snack bar. This will give the regulars, time to prepare and give them background knowledge on what is coming to their local area – a place which will provide them food on their lunch/break times. The Creative Brief: With the campaign brief finished, the second thing that is needed to be done by the client and for the company itself would be to do a creative brief. The account executive must translate the clients briefing document for the specific use of the creative team. The creative brief will inform the creative team for the information that is needed for the organisation to help produce a promotional campaign. The creative brief will include the

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