The Occupational Therapy Theories And Educational Learning Essay

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The occupational therapy theories are the basis and foundation that are used to guide and influence an occupational therapist’s clinical reasoning. Similarly, understanding how one views teaching and learning is beneficial to occupational therapists as it too can guide and influence future practice and interactions with clients. Occupational therapy theories and educational learning and teaching assumptions are not two completely different or opposite concepts, but instead can complement each other to give occupational therapists a comprehensive foundation to guide their clinical reasoning.
The Person, Environment, Occupation, Performance Model (PEOP) “views everyday occupations as being affected by and affecting both the person factors and the environments that characterize a client’s home, work/school and community life” (Baum, Christiansen, & Bass, 2015, p. 50). PEOP helped me to form my key assumptions about how individuals learn. Just as the PEOP believes the environment can influence an individual’s occupational performance, my first learning assumption is that the environment, both the physical and social, can have an influence on learning. This learning assumption is supported by the behaviorist theory, which believes that a person’s behavior is conditioned by events in the environment and is “gradually shaped, changed, and molded as it reflects the environment’s response to the behavior” (Helfrich, 2014, p. 590). B. F. Skinner (1974) one of the contributing
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