The Opening Minutes Of The Negotiation

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1. Review the opening minutes of the negotiation: a. Why are the events in the opening minutes of a negotiation so important? The way of negotiation opening has a critical impact on the whole negotiation process for some reasons, such as: 1. Setting up an appropriate tone In order to ensure the success of negotiation, all participants require a comfort atmosphere before asserting their position or interests. Therefore, it will be more effective and efficient if this atmosphere could be generated in the beginning of negotiation process. 2. Developing trust among negotiation’s participants The commencing of negotiation can help building rapport that is pivotal for a negotiator to gain more information from their counterpart. Combined…show more content…
5. The availability of new candidate in the market In terms of Vice President Position, George could enable to select the better resources from the market with a relevant experience. Thus, he expect that this candidate can take a responsibility more effectively based on their experience. c. What was wrong with Caitlin’s opening – “I hope you had a chance to read my summary”? Explain. To develop the appropriate tone in the earliest stage of negotiation, negotiator should not commence with a heavy issue and a rush action. In this study case, Caitlin opens their meeting by questioning whether George has read her summary or not. This issue will not lead our counterpart to their comfort level. The other mistake is her opening has positioned George as if he is a subordinate for Caitlin, even though she softens it by “I hope” phrase. In addition, as a CEO, George may has a limited time to read Caitlin’ summary. Therefore, he may not expect the other person will impede his tight schedule. d. Given this analysis, how might Caitlin best open the negotiation? Instead of her current opening, Caitlin could commence the negotiation by apologize to interfere George’s activity and apply a small talk. Actually, she has implemented the latter tool by her initial attitude related George’s hectic time. However, it is quite brief. She should initiate more small talk, such as ask his today’s feeling or comment about the weather, traffic and the

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