The Organization And Leadership Through Film

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Introduction As the changing time, people are more willing to watch some films that involved more about the real life scenes, which could make people feel that they are the real stories that could be happened in the daily life rather than watching to some artificial story lines. Therefore, to exploring the organization and leadership through film is a new way to study them and test their applicability as well. Also, film provides a way for scholars to find out that how does a film affect a people’s view on topics of organization and leadership in terms of his/her social context; because, as Bell (2008, P.1) suggested that ‘ film is also an important indicator of individual self-identity’. What is more, film also offers ‘a vicariously experience of popular issue that happens in real organizational life for viewers’ (Bell, 2008, P.1), which gives viewers a substituted personal experience to issue that portrayed in the film. This essay explores the issues of management theories of leadership and specifically the women leadership, organizational culture and work–life imbalance that presented in the famous film of ‘ Devil Wears Prada’, which portrayed by Frankel (2006). At the same time, the filming techniques and expression methods of particular managerial and organizational theories would be closely discussed through this essay. This essay will contain the discussion of overshadow about one of the film’s main figure- Miranda, who has been over-emphasized with some
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