The Origin Of Small Cells Responsible Of The Life

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The Word cell comes from latin cella, meaning small room. The cell is the basic structural, functional, and biological unit of all known living things. They are the smallest unit of life that can be reproduce independently. The material dedicated to study the characteristics and functions of cells is called cell biology. There is a statement which says that from one cell the many, from many cells the individual. In this essay we will mention some characteristics of the cells, and the concepts of mitosis and meiosis will be explained.
There are several thesis about the origin of small cells responsible of the life; one of them is that they may have been carried to our planet on meteorites. The cell was discovered by Robert Hooke in 1665 in
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Enclosing the cell is the envelope consisting of a cell wall, this envelope gives rigor to the cell and apart the interior of the cell from its environment, serving as a protective filter. Inside the cell is the cytoplasmic region that enclose the DNA and ribosomes. On the other hand, plants, animals, fungi, and prostist are composed by eukaryotes cells. All their DNA is formulated in more than one chromosome saved in the cell nucleus, separated from the cytoplasm by a membrane. Their movement is because the components called flagella and cilia.
Nowadays, we know that all living organisms are composed by cells, which consume energy, multiply and grow up, breed and can adopt to the environment. Living things are composed of cells, some of them are single-cell organism which have everything that they need to be self-sufficient; on the other hand, in multi-cellular organisms, specialization increases until some cells do only specific things. Living organisms organize their cells into some levels such us tissue which is a group of cells that accomplish a same function. Organ is a group of tissues that commit a same function. Organ system is a group of organisms that do a same function. And finally, organism which is a complete living thing. When the organism consume energy, this energy is used for their maintenance. The cells are divided and create new cells, and also they grow up to a specific size and the cell is enlargement.
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