The Origin of Man and The Universe

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Most people in the world have. Creation is a Christian’s proof of how the world was made and how everything that was in the world before is still there now, and Evolution is a scientific theory explaining how the world was made and how everything evolved into what it is today. Charles Darwin founded the theory of evolution. It was first called Darwinism. Evolution explains the Big Bang and how everything in the world evolved. Charles Darwin was not actually evolutionary minded for his entire life. He started out as a Christian. It is believed that Darwin stole the evolutionary theory from somebody else working on the theory at that same time. Macroevolution and microevolution are two completely different things. Macroevolution is completely changing one species into another. Microevolution on the other hand, is little changes within a species that could possibly help them to adapt to their surroundings. The Bible supports microevolution but not macroevolution, and the evolutionary theory supports both microevolution and macroevolution. Evolutionists also try to prove macroevolution with microevolution by saying that enough little changes in a species can make a new species altogether.
There are many problems with the theory of evolution even though evolution is taught everywhere. Evolution is taught in a lot of places, such as public schools, most colleges, and it will be…
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