The P90x Exercise Developed by Tony Horton

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Is P90X The Right Workout For You?
Developed by fitness professional Tony Horton, the P90X workout is a 90 day exercise regimen known for its intensity and fast results. Since its release in 2004, the P90X workout has become a best-selling product for multi-national corporation BeachBody, grossing approximately $500 million by August 2012. Nevertheless, the question that remains: Is this workout is right for you? What makes it different from other workout regimens, what are the pros and cons of this program?
What makes P90X different from other workout regimens?
Perhaps the thing that makes this regimen different from others is the intensity. The program uses a technique called muscle confusion. This prevents muscle groups from becoming accustomed to a particular type of movement, allowing for a more effective workout.
P90X Fitness Test
The makers of the P90X suggest users do a pre P90X fitness test. Doing this will help participants determine their fitness level as well as strengths and weaknesses. Pull-ups, squats and bicep curls are just a few of the things assessed. There is also a day one and day ninety comparison/progress checker.
P90X Ninety-Day Workout Regimen
The makers recommend the user workout about an hour a day, six days a week. There are 12 DVDs included in the P90X kit. Each DVD focuses on the following muscle groups: Back and Chest, Abs, Shoulders and Arms, Legs and Back. There are Plyometrics and Yoga workouts as well. There

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