The Patient 's Position Or Culture Essay

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Beck, (2013), states that within the ‘hospital culture’, patients’ who are vulnerable present with varying degrees of physiological, psychological, spiritual and social perspective complications that require care. However, nurses on the other hand, are expected to follow the hospital protocol, that encompass performing routine assessments on patients, with the expectation that the nurse will ensure they are responsible in their clinical practice, (Beck, 2013). These role sets, serve to uphold and influence hospital protocols which are precautionary to ensure patient safety and that optimal health outcome are met, (Van Beuzekom, Boer, Akerboom, & Hudson, 2010). In accordance with Madeleine Leininger’s Transitional Nursing Theory, from a nursing perspective, it is vitally important to understand the patient’s position or culture, in order to comprehend how that patient may view and react to assessments and treatments, (Beck, 2013). As such, I noted that within the scenario, the patient was a senior nurse in her professional life. Resultantly, I believe she had the mind-set of a nurse ingrained into her very identity. This I suspect, influenced her to be proactive in her own self cares and to potentially take charge in wanting to obtain her hospital notes and remove her own leur. Unfortunately, as it was my professional responsibility under my registered nurse, to be her caregiver, this order of events caused me to experience a role imbalance between me and the patient, as

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