The Plan For An Integrative Negotiation

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Introduction “Negotiation is the process whereby people attempt to settle what each shall give and take or perform and receive in a transaction between them” as defined by Rubin and Brown (as quoted in Stoshikj, 2014, p. 32). This action is usually held between two parties or more in order to discover a common ground or reach a mutual agreement. It has come under the company’s attention that there are some unresolved issues regarding several different concerns such as air pollution, water contamination and council land rates on company land in Mortlake, Queensland. Strategy Implemented Overall, the integrative strategy will be implemented in most of the negotiating process. Van Boven and Thompson (as cited in Dong-Won, 2010) indicated that when both parties are involved in an integrative negotiation, they get a more exact idea of what the other party desires and increasing the possibility of mutual gain (p. 2). Furthermore, Pruitt; Thompson (as cited in Han, Kwon, Bae & Park, 2012) mentioned that the negotiators are able to benefit from the win-win situation, meanwhile preserving the relationship (p. 1). While both parties are trying to resolve the current issues, maintaining a strong relationship is more important as both parties are reliant on each other. The first issue, which is the deteriorating air quality, is connected to the absence of road paving. While almost half of the roads are actually company-owned and used to transport the minerals, the council insisted
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