The Political Economy Of Apple

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The Political Economy of Apple Apple has become the leading competitor of electronic goods in the 21st century. They are a billion dollar corporation that distributes products to consumers to satisfy their needs of innovative and advanced technology. Apple’s producer, Foxconn has multiple locations, however their main location is based in China. However, news outlets have shed a new light regarding their manufacturing company. There has been a rising concern regarding the working conditions at Foxconn. Employees and student interns would often live in dormitories with other workers that were essentially adult strangers. Journalists from multiple news companies have gone undercover to expose the truth of the wellbeing of their employees. The working conditions were so terrible that there had been multiple cases of suicide. Working long hours affected their mental and physical well being. Foxconn in China has on the cheapest labour markets in the world and to further profit, they hire student interns to work for them and pay them with low wages. Apple prioritizes profit maximization by continuing to undermine the working conditions of their partnering companies. Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Cupertino, California that was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Their first creation was the Apple Computer, which was a success and Steve Jobs led the creation of innovative products including the iMAC, iPod, and iPhone. They designed,
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