The Positive Impacts of Exercise

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This paper delves into the benefits of exercising for the purpose of physical health and emotional relief and relaxation, which has a positive impact on the physical performance of people. Physical exercise has been known to mankind since the since the very first civilizations because of the benefits it provides with the small amount of effort. Different exercises have been part of different societies, cultures and regions, based on awareness and requirement of the people. Physical exercise not only boosts and elevates the health of people; it also has a positive effect on the behavior and moods of people. It has been observed in the past, that people with better interest and involvement in physical exercises, seemed to live longer and enjoy a more healthy life with less diseases and less obesity conditions. Physical health has been the ultimate goal of exercise since forever. Physical exercise helps in burning calories over a period of time, depending on the intensity of the exercise. The reduction in calories reduces the weight of the body by reducing fats, which eventually makes people more fit and healthy because the body can perform better as it requires pulling and managing less amount of weight than before. On the other hand, lack of exercise leads to obesity and lethargic behavior, which is the main cause of many diseases and a shorter life (Pratt, Macera & Wang, 2000). The efficient circulation of the blood, the process of sweating and muscle development, all

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