The Power Of Yoga And Yoga Essay

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Briana Jauregui
Professor Hodge
English 475
8 December 2014 The Power of Yoga Are you feeling stressed, worried, unrelaxed, looking to free your mind, or increase your flexibility? That’s where you might look into yoga. Not just yoga but the different distinct types of yoga because depending on what you want to achieve you have to take the right class. Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and an ascetic discipline to help you with specific body health. The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit an ancient indian language. And yoga meaning union. Yoga is said to be for good purpose of bringing together the mind, body, and spirit. Freeing your mind of worries and the junk that we keep trapped can prevent damaging us physically and mentally. That’s where Yoga comes to place. In order to live freely we have to free our mind to continue the journey of new life beginnings. As human beings we go through a lot, think a lot, and do a lot, but we never take the time to think about ourselves and the personal damage we are doing to our mind. With the ability of doing yoga you can clear out the mental garbage and develop new ways of thinking. But it also starts off with you putting the effort to make that change in thinking differently and being more open minded. Allowing yourself to be in control of your feelings, helps you be in control of your life. The many effects of yoga can help you avoid being overwhelmed by your emotions or by another’s. Since our mind creates phobias we tend to let

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