The Presentation Of Stress, Grief, And Death Essay

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Stress, grief, and death are common aspects that paramedics experience and can present in many different ways. This assignment will be identifying the presentation of stress, and strategies to manage stress and to also maintain the personal wellbeing of paramedics, plus common stressors. According to Lambert and Lambert (2008), stress can be arranged into a physical, enthusiastic, and a type of human behaviour. This assignment will also be touching base on Kübler-Ross and Dual’s Model, plus general strategies to assist grieving people and relating it to paramedic practise. Cultural specific strategies will be compared with the Māori culture and the Japanese culture about sudden death and how they traditionally handle it. Bledsoe, Porter, and Cherry (2014) mention that paramedics experience more death than the vast majority. This has been found to prompt total physical and mental overload, which paramedics need to perceive and manage in order to remain balanced (Lambert and Lambert, 2008).
Symptoms of stress as stated by Lambert and Lambert (2008), can vary amongst individuals. Bledsoe et al, (2014) explain that a stimulus that causes stress is also known as a stressor. Bledsoe et al, (2014) also describe the causing signs of stress can include loss of valued procession, general displeasure and incapable methods for dealing with stress. Examples are given by Marieb and Hoehn (2015), physical short-term stress can change in blood flow from an increased heart rate, which will

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