The Problem Of College Students Essay

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If you ask any college student, whether freshman or grad student, what their top three problems in college are, stress will inevitably top that list. I’ve been at Louisiana Tech for less than three months, and I have had countless mental breakdowns. Students’ issues range from financial instability, to scholastic problems, to emotional anxiety, back to financial instability, and right over to being ill prepared. When most students think about the overwhelming amount of stress they’re facing, they link it back to the University. The stress became too much as soon as we started college, but do not solely blame the University. Trace the problem back to its root, High School. There is stress to be found in every situation, by no means is it unavoidable. However, being better equipped to handle the stress of college removes a large sum of the problem. This brings me to what I learned from High School. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Your grade point average is unimportant. “Me llama es Abigail.” While I am very proud of the fact that I can introduce myself while in Mexico, that information has yet to apply to me in the outside world. Problems I have encountered include paying bills, managing money, balancing work and school, and acclimating to being alone. How do we equip students to better handle these pressing issues? There is only one obvious solution, throw them out into the real world. If students are prepared with the textbook knowledge needed to pass
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