The Problem Of Disaster Prevention

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Impediments to Disaster Prevention in Major Cities
Reporting to the Japanese Cabinet, a panel researching on potential disasters reported the potential of 30-35 meters high disaster hitting Tokyo and other regions in future. The over-reliance on nuclear energy in some of these regions also poses a major threat whenever such disasters strike. The Southwestern Ohi Nuclear power plant was restarted amidst protests from the public. This shows some degree of awareness on the public’s side. Indeed, previous disasters have played a vital role in educating the public on ways of preventing and mitigating further losses in future. On one hand, educating alone may not yield the expected results in terms of disaster prevention. On the other hand, educating the public has been vital in disaster mitigation (Earthquake Engineering Research Group, 2008).
Over the past years, the government has not taken the front row in embracing warning and the persuasion to plan for disasters. This has contributed to the serious effects of disasters despite having being issued with warnings. When tsunamis or earthquakes hit large cities, different nations fail to process the disaster due to lack of resources. The significant losses incurred during such disasters do not necessarily mean that these nations are never prepared. Along the coastal lines, many countries first constructed dikes to curb tsunamis. However, they have since become too expensive and impractical due to the length of

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