The Problem Of Learning English

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Different forms of communication have been present since the beginning of humanity. Mankind always found a way to express their ideas to others, it might be shaping a figure out of mud or painting on the walls inside of a cave therefore exists several ways to communicate with each other and English happens to be the universal language for several reasons, coding in a program or watching a movie from Hollywood always involves this global language.
Imagine someone dropping you off in China, you will find a way through, just because you can understand this Introduction. Learning English comes easy for someone who is born in an English-speaking Country, but for someone who speaks a foreign language, it might just turn you into …show more content…

On my perception, I skilled enough before moving to The United States, as I used to get an A on most of my English quizzes and be the Official Translator in every student group they formed, in the classroom and finding out otherwise was something stressful.
It was embarrassing myself that I learned the Word: "Nearby” as a composition of "Near" and "By” are supposed to be said as one single word after mixing them up, however, my teacher used to read this as it sounds in Spanish and this placed myself, into the position in which nobody would understand, when I engaged in the use of this word.

Learning how to explain my sickness to a Doctor, was a hard task to accomplish, I became sick with a sinus infection after my first week because of the “Environmental Change”. I was diagnosed with ' 'Allergy" according to the doctor on call that night, but the funny part is that 5 years later, I’m still sick.
It was a quite a surprise, finding out the amount on bill I received from this visit, back then, I still had the habit of converting dollars into the currency of my country and it was just outrageous. The fun fact was, I went late night to the hospital so they can prescribe my sickness with "Claritin", something I could just grab at Wal-Mart myself and I lasted over seven months to pay off this bill.
Everything has been just different, in this “New World”,

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