The Problem Statement For An Illegal Or Not For File A Report

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The problem statement is whether to report the issue Louis to the proper officials for being an illegal or not to file a report. Then not having a policy nor procedures to address the issue with supervisors, directors and board of directors. In the many roles, as social workers we are taught to advocate for targeted groups. This targeted group would be immigrants for this case. We are taught to design, coordinate different programs in the United States and outside of the country. So learning to understand political/legal issues needs to be in the front of the overall policies. The legal issue for this case is that Louis Touissant is on a two year visa which the company has paid for a limited time. He agreed to volunteering within the agency that brings him into the country. The agency should’ve set up guide lines as a precaution and made the worker sign a contact. Then informed the worker that sets will be taken if he does not complete his visa agreed working time. There should be no excuse in attempting to locate him before alerting the proper officials. Also they need to notify the board due to putting their jobs into jeopardy. If they do not handle these future legal issues then it could lead to lawsuits against the agency. Then negative press could affect their relationship with funding and/or other companies. As a professional social work in practice, we are taught different ways of locating someone. There was not a good job in the way they handled the situation

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