The Problem of High Staff Turnover in a Small Thai Design Company

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Title: The problem of high staff turnover in a small Thai design company

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Executive Summary
Box Exhibit Co., Ltd. is a small design company in Thailand. The company provides their clients a design service in a number of types such as corporate identity design, exhibition design, concert design and other types of design. The company has many clients and it seems relatively successful. However, It has been experiencing a problem of high staff turnover for approximately ten years since the company opened. Although there are only seven or eight staff in the company, there are staff resigning and there are new staff recruiting every year. This is
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The company provides a design service in almost every type of graphic design. For example, corporate identity design, poster design, packaging design, exhibition design, concert design and other types of graphic design. Staff are divided into three sections by types of graphic: Firstly, the 2D section which works in a field of flat graphic and illustration such as logo design, packaging design or

poster design. Secondly, the 3D section which works in 3D modelling program such as stage design, exhibition sites design and some 3D animation. Finally, the 4D section or motion graphic design section which designs animation and motion graphics such as motion graphic for concerts, jingle animations or television commercials. The structure of the company is absolutely simple: there are up to three staff in each section and there is only one boss supervises all three sections without any junior supervisor.

2.3 THE REASON OF EXPLORING THE PROBLEM This report explores the problem to find out the causes and solution to prevent staff from leaving the company in order to reduce the cost of recruiting and training.


The previous section describes the problem of high staff turnover in a small Thai design company called Box Exhibit Co.,Ltd.. Herzberg’s(1959) Hygiene & Motivation factors can be applied to this problem because the problem of staff turnover is caused by motivation problem. Herzberg's theory discusses
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