The Process Improvement Plan For 7 Ten

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According to statistic shown above, the employees are more familiar with the products layout, most of them could find the required items in a pretty short time, and they are highly responsible to help the customers. Most customers will ask employees for help when they cannot find the products they intend to buy. From most (63%) of their opinions, the bestselling products should be placed the most obvious position of the shelves. But still, there are a small part (13%) of employees are unfamiliar with the shelve order in the store. The process improvement plan for 7-eleven Based on the result and analysis of the research projects, it has detailed the improvement plan for the 7-eleven, both form the perspectives of customers and employees. To keep on training to improve the employees’ skills According to the statistics, a part of the employees are not highly skilled to take their position. It is necessary to provide training to improve professional service, especially to get more familiar with the shelves and products they sold in the store. After new recruitment, employees should undertake a series of training programs strictly to get enough skills betterserving the customers. Besides, the 7-eleven could hold interesting games for employees to get more familiar with the products, such as competition of finding the exact items. To restructure the products layout Based on the statistics, both the customers and employees think the products layout is not good enough, some

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