The Process Of Resource Leveling A Project

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Question 1: The process of resource leveling a project requires the use of various heuristics that enable the project team to prioritize those activities that receive resources first. The process helps in determining resource requirements to ensure their availability at the right time and allow the scheduling of each activity with smoothest possible transition throughout levels of resource usage. One of the heuristics of resource leveling a project is creating a project activity network diagram, which begins with a network diagram that shows the amount of resources needs as a function of time. For instance, if a project has x, y, z activities, a diagram should be drawn for each of these activities based on their required resources and time. The second heuristic is developing a resource loading table, which displays the duration, early start, late finish, slack and needed resources for each activity. In this case, the table will have five columns for each of these components for x, y and z activities. Third, the late finish dates for each activity should be determined by identifying the timing of the activities. For instance, the late finish dates for x, y and z activities is determined by when each of them will be started or implemented. The fourth is identifying resource over allocation, which requires taking them off of non-critical path activities to critical-path activities. For example, a project team could use a faster printing machine to complete the printing

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