The Process Of Setting A Football Field For A Home Game

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Imagine a football Friday night without any equipment, water, or Powerade for the boys to drink at halftime. Some may think that preparing a football field for Friday night just happens. That is completely wrong. There are many steps to take to set it up properly. The process of setting up the football field for a home game includes setting up the home side, setting up the visitor’s side, and making Powerade for the locker room. First, one must begin to set up the home side of the field. The home side requires a few things to be set up. In order to begin, one must take two ten gallon Powerade water coolers and fill them ¾ the way up with ice. After both are filled with ice, take them to the gator. The gator is a golf cart that has the…show more content…
Then, put the ice towels cooler on the 50 yard line up against the fence. After these steps, put the blue bottles and their carriers on the grey bench. One of the last things that you would need to do is, get the water caddy; fill it all the way up with ice and water. Lastly, put it on the 50 yard line behind the white lines. Second, one must get the visitor’s sidelines ready. You simply need two Gatorade water coolers, and fill them halfway up with ice. Next, transfer them onto the gator. You now need to grab another small cooler, and fill it with ice; this will be your injury ice. Then, grab the injury ice, and a grey table, and put it in the back of the gator. After everything is filled with ice, get on the gator, drive around the corner, and fill up the two Gatorade coolers up with water. Lastly, drive onto the opposing teams sidelines, and set the table up on the 50 yard line, up against the wall. Transfer the two coolers onto the table, and put the injury ice under the table. You have now completed setting up the visitor’s side for a home game. Third, one must set up the locker room for halftime. Only two things go in the locker room; the Powerade and two sleeves of cups. To make the Powerade, you will need a blue Powerade cooler and the mix. First, fill it with six scoops of ice. Then, put 1.5 bags of Powerade mix on top of the ice. Next, you will need to fill it to the ninth line, on the inside, with water. Remember,
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