The Project I Chose For This Paper Is A Project Started

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The project I chose for this paper is a project started by USAA in 2016. It was created out a need to stay competitive and concern for its employees and members. The project arrived because there has been a mass influx of member joining since 2009. This occurred when USAA opened up it eligibility to all prior veteran and their family member. USAA Board of Director realized that it was in jeopardy of losing key performance factor that has been a hallmark for the organization and were forced into creating effective change. This influx of membership has put a major strain on USAA’s claims department, due to vast number of claims that were being generated daily. The volume of claim in auto and property department had hit an all-time high and …show more content…

The road show was followed up by opening up a customer service comment line to hear feedback and what members are saying. The comment lines where created as a two-way conversation where comment were addressed back to the member. Secondly it is a one-time event set to ease the tension and strain on the adjuster-member relation. USAA has been in a comfortable 1st place in comparison to it peers but now with the sudden rise of third party insurance companies the pressure has created the need for a change in strategy. The customer-employee relation team was very instrumental in it deliveries. The roads show which was intended to produce and effective strategy to implement which was very success and cause some very satisfying results. The deliverable that came for the initial strategy phase cause the team the realization of not focusing on business but of the employee and the customers. Return on income was not the focus because in this case that was not the problem. The influx of customer was providing ROI but the need to focus on customer and employee relation where best sought in this project. The CEO Steward Parker stated in a town hall meeting that it is more important to send them on the right path that to try and make a profit. His statement was inspired by the work of the project team. Their effort inspired the new motto of being

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