The Proposal Of Potholes In New York City

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In New York City potholes are dangerous to motorist and residents. As a Project Manager in the Transportation Department, we have a five-million-dollar budget. The budget will exclusively address repairs to potholes throughout the five boroughs. In Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island potholes in the street is a constant fixture. As of 8/15/17 we have repaved 705 lane miles and repaired 185,770 potholes (The Daily Pothole, n.d.). These improvements are desperately needed to improve the infrastructure of New York City.

Project Problem Statement The proposal of repairing all potholes in New York City will help residents in many ways. After a tremendous amount of winter storms, New York City’s potholes are at record high levels. New York City may experience a whopping 250,000 to 300,000 potholes by the end of spring 2016, the highest number of potholes since 1970 (Habib, 2016). The city has a glaring issue with potholes. The city should have agendas in place to prevent potholes from occurring so that we will not have to focus on repairing potholes. Many localities continue Christmas list budging, in which department heads prepare requests without any executive guidance about budget targets or conditions (Mikesell, 2017, pg.222). I am proposing that the city directly uses the five million dollars to repair potholes throughout the city. This project will fix the underlying condition of New York City’s streets while improving battered roadways. It

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