The Pros And Cons Of Global Warming

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Global Warming
Global warming is environmental issue, which is the increase of the atmospheric temperature due to increased release of gases such as carbon dioxide on earth. Humans are debating on the reason behind the climate change more than 150 years. In 1861, the Irish physicist John Tyndall performed an experiment of Carbon dioxide and methane. He found that those gasses absorb electromagnetic radiation, which leads to climate change. In 2014, the carbon dioxide concretion in atmospheric passed the 402 parts per millions mark. Before opening fossil fuel industries that concentration did not reach 300 pmm. In 2011, the carbon dioxide in the atmospheric was 54% higher than 1990. Highest number of these emissions is driven from the burning of the fossil fuel.
One of the aspects that is behind climate change is inventing new technologies and utilizing natural resources. All that invention can increase carbon dioxide and consumptions of natural resources, which releases greenhouse gases. Burning fossil fuels is another problem that creates more heat on the earth. Even though in the United stated people do not burn much Coal as before; whoever, burning coal still resales sulfur dioxide and pollution in atmosphere which can contribute to lung disease.
The chemistry related global warming is that Carbon dioxide is produced after burning fossil fuel. During the exothermic process, the oxygen (O2) reacts with glucose and produces Carbon dioxide (CO2). As the carbon dioxide

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