The Pros And Cons Of Sous Vive Immersion Cooking

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Is this the best pod? There are a lot of reasons why sous vive immersion cooking is sweeping the country. It’s the taste, the tenderness, the uniqueness of the result from meats, sea foods, to garden vegetables and to fluffy eggs. It’s no wonder people are immersing themselves in sous vive style cooking. Actually the one thing keeping even more people from enjoying the full sous vive experience is the feeling that gourmet quality units are too complicated and expensive. And you know something, they were right, until now. Introducing the Gourmia GSV140 Sous Vide Pod 2nd Generation. It is the game changer for sous vive fans everywhere. The pod sous vive which can be described with just five words, serious sous vive made simple. That’s …show more content…

Invite your friends over to your house and show them how good a chef you are by the sous vive method of cooking via the Gurmia GSV140 way. Enjoy the free cookbook of Chef Jason Logsdon. Resident chef can now simply plan sous vide steak, seafood, vegetables, eggs and chicken for a modest cost of going to a restaurant. Get started on your voyage toward a more suitable, tastier and better way of …show more content…

The packaging is attractive, impressive and long. The top comes off, which contains the clamp. The bottom tube contains the immersion cooker. The sous vive stick is bigger than what it appears in the picture. It comes with an instruction manual. The stick is about 14 inches long. The clamps top knob controls the tightness around the precision cooker and the lower knob controls the tightness of the container or pot. The container or pot can have a thickness of 1 inch. The clamp can also easily fit a cooler. The safety levels are indicated on the cooker. If you do not have the minimum amount of water, it’s going to ring an alarm. You roughly need two and a half inches of water in the bottom of the precision cooker and not to go past 6 inches. The stainless steel sleeve is removable. Underneath the sleeve are the heating element, the probes and the impeller. At the very bottom of the metal sleeve is a directional port. You can adjust the port to move the water in a different direction. Just remove the bottom piece and reposition the nozzle. The electrical cord is roughly 30 inches. Operating the precision cooker manually is actually pretty simple. The large number is the current temperature and the small number is the set temperature. When you spin the wheel up located

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