The Pros And Dangers Of Smartphones

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Throwing away your smartphone and getting a flip phone would be a horrible decision that would put you at many social and worldly disadvantages. Smartphones have many safety measures that will keep you safe in day to life, and if you were ever in danger. Also, smartphones give you many social opportunities that a flip phone couldn’t come close to. Lastly, they have a multitude of useful and fun utilities at your fingertips. When making a decision on a what type of phone to purchase, you should choose the one best for the lifestyles of the world, and that would be a smartphone. All of these reasons are why I believe the smartphone is the best choice for everyone in today’s busy world.

To begin with, there are an enormous amount of safety measure that will help you in harmful and ordinary situations. For example, if you lose your smartphone, such as an apple smartphone, you can just go to any other apple device or phone store and use the Find My iPhone app. This app will show you exactly where your phone is located. Even if you do not have an Apple smartphone, the other brands of smartphones also have many apps and ways to find your phone. However, if you lose your flip phone you will just be out of luck. Also, if someone were to steal your smartphone, they would be less likely to get into your phone and contacts because of the extra safety measures. Such as, touch I.D., which will only take the fingerprints you have added into your phone to let it open. If you

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