The Pseudo Profession Of Nursing Essay

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The Pseudo-Profession of Nursing One of the mottos that motivated me throughout my quest to pick a major last year was the following from Cy Coleman: “I 'm lucky to be in a profession where you can keep getting better” (Propst, 2015, p. 37). This passage struck me as exactly what I was looking to accomplish with my future, but as it turns out, is nursing really a profession? There are an infinite number of ways to define what a profession is based on personal beliefs, but scholarly articles, such as one by Dr. Burke Christensen (1994), compress the criteria into five requirements, as followed: (1) The subject matter must be sufficiently esoteric that the common person does not generally understand it and must rely upon the expertise of another for proper completion of the task. (2) The subject matter must require a period of academic study in order to master the complexities of the topic. (3) There must be a barrier to entry into the field which excludes those who are not competent. (4) There must be a code of ethics which requires the members of the profession to conduct their affairs at a level which exceeds the mere requirements of the law. … (5) There should be a professional society to monitor the actions of its members and to enforce the code of ethics. (Christensen, 1994). Based on this simplified checklist, nursing meets some, but not all, of the criteria necessary to be considered a profession. As an example of the expertise required throughout the field of

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