The Punch List Obligations Of A Construction Project Manager

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The Punch-List Obligations of a Construction Project Manager at Project Closeout
(MPM 630 – Project Closeout)
January 2015

Most constructions contracts tends to be very specific in regards to the overall planned financial budget of the construction work, the expected quality of the job output from the contractor as well as the duration (time) that is allowed to complete the work. But it is very common that in most cases, it would seem that all that would be required to closing out a construction or any other type of a major capital project would be just to inspect it, accept it and see that the contractor is able to receive all his entitlements and final payments
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Constructions project management involves the direct and daily monitoring of all construction activities and tasks, including all the construction methodologies that is being applied, as well as the personnel that directs or guides the project through every single stage or phase of its life cycle. It is pertinent to know that not all constructions jobs might not be successfully completed due to some changed conditions or unforeseen circumstances beyond control like the effects of nature and differing site conditions. Some of the constructions projects get rejected or are abruptly cancelled due to reasons best known to either the contractor or the client as the case maybe, but whatever happens regardless. Proper and effective closure is always needed on all constructions projects.
According to the words of the author Joseph A. Griffin (2011) titled “How to Close a Project”, he noted that “Closing a project should be treated as an integral part of the project plan. The closing process does not begin at the end of the project, but during the planning phase. Each step should be carefully planned and executed as any other portion of the project”. Propounding on the suggested timeline for preparations of a project closeout, the authors Edward R. Fisk and Wayne D. Reynolds (2014) in the Tenth Edition of their publications titled “Construction Project Administration” noted on page 347, that “The closeout period may actually begin several weeks to a month
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