The Purpose Of This Organizational Assessment Paper Is

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The purpose of this organizational assessment paper is to provide a clear unbiased analysis of my place of employment. I began my employment at the Human Behavioral Institute (HBI) in Las Vegas under the supervision of Dr. Marie Cid and Dr. Anis Abi-Karam on August 17, 2009. To date I have averaged approximately thirty-two hours per week of face-to-face contact with clients.
1. Assess the Organization’s Programs and Services

a. What programs and services are offered? What populations are served by the agency/organization?

I have been exposed to numerous areas including individual and group therapy, diagnostic evaluation, and clinical report writing. I have also been exposed to several specialized areas including geriatrics, substance …show more content…

b. Are service goals and objectives based on empirical research? If so, describe/discuss. If not, discuss what possible issues this may present.

Yes, treatment plans are progressive and clients receive services in multiple formats based on the client need. For example, a client may receive individual therapy and homebased services as needed.
c. Are the services consistent with the goals and objectives of the program?

Yes, this organization is a full service behavioral health service agency, but also an accredited utilization management company as well. The purpose of this organization is to manage and provide clinical mental health services to clients throughout the state of Nevada. HBI’s goal is to provide direct clinical services in the two major metropolitan areas in the state, Las Vegas, and Reno. However, the utilization management portion of the agency provides services throughout the state in its direct management of the psychiatric health services for the HPN smart choice Medicaid program. The overall objectives and goal of the company are to provide clinically and cost effective mental health services.
d. Are workload expectations reasonable given expectations for achievement with each client and within each service and program?

Yes, the Utilization Management department is an administrative service that supervises a network of hundreds of providers throughout the state. Providers must

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