The Purpose of the President's State of the Union Addess Essay

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The State of the Union The purpose of The State of the Union address speech is really for congress about the Presidents opinion and judgment on the country’s problems. The president addresses major pinpoints on what is really making the economy unsatisfactory. The speech is also for the audience to inform us what type of changes is being made, and to see if Changes that have been made. If congress does not show any effort about making the changes, the President can take matters into his/or her hands and override congress approval. (Article II, Sec. 3 U.S Constitution) states that “The President shall from time to time give to congress information of the State of the union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall …show more content…

. The poverty still till this day has not really changed for the better. Some people are still in poverty today. It was established to help the poor Americans. War on Poverty bought many African Americans The aid that they needed the most.. He saw if the government had money that they government should lend some money out too those who need help in their households At the end of it all War on poverty was a great choice for American. It helped an enormous amount Americans I see similarities in both Barack Obama and Lyndon B Johnson speech. They both talked about what they wanted to do with the economy on how to make it better. Barack Obama talked about how congress was not putting in the effort to help out the Americans and also Lyndon Johnson did the same thing. The most differences I saw in the speeches were that Lyndon Johnson did not talk about any healthcare but Social Security Act, but that was not like healthcare. Overall the two speeches were very similar to each other talk almost about the same things cause that is what the world is facing is Income, healthcare, Poverty. Those are the three main causes today and 50 years ago. The Domestic issues have been continuing in a steady pace, because since 1964 it was being worked on but you cannot change the economy in several days or months it takes time to get it back on track. Also different presidents have different views on how to change the economy. Some President may

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