The Qualities Of A Leader

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This session helped me to recognize all the skills that need to be a good leader. During this day, I have been able to discover many of my skills, and more importantly, it helped me to identify my weaknesses. Now, I can work and change this weakness; as a result, it will improve my performance as a team and be a great leader.
A leader not only born but is made. Certainly, many people are born with attitudes and skills that lead to the path of leadership. In my case, many of the tools that I use as a leader, have been learned through this year. My leadership style is Democratic. I am flexible and open-mind, I like to listen to other opinions, and I take care, my team. In accordance with all styles of communication discussed, my style of …show more content…

Also, we learned which are the healthy ways to manage stress, such as to change the situation: avoid the stress or modify the stressful factor and to change its reaction: adapt and accept the stress.
The authentic leadership is a style of leadership that is coherent with the personality and fundamental values like honesty, ethics, and practiced. An authentic leader develops his own leadership style; it is not afraid of admitting its errors and works to overcome the shortcomings and to become stronger. The authentic leadership becomes inspired by their leader’s live.
Being the leader is not only to be the head of a group. The leader is characterized by qualities of leadership natural and acquired. Professionalism and ethics go hand in hand. Mastering professionalism is based on the appropriate attitude that a leader must have. As part of the values that a leader must possess would be the professionalism in communicating, behave and take decisions. A true leader should be objective and professional at the time of sampling communicate with members of their group, at the time of making decisions, and the time to act before everybody.
A successful leader knows how to balance their professional function with the personal well-being of himself and of his collaborators; it is understood that the emotional, mental, or physical status in which we find ourselves influences our personal and professional results. If it

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