The Rape Of Nanning Analysis

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So here I am. It's finals time (I'm in college still) and I'm sitting in my dorm on Thursday night. Breaking News: I have a 10 page paper and a test the next day I haven't even started on the paper (once again, I'm in college) and it's 3am. Luckily my buddy hooked me up with some adderall. I just wrote a 12 page paper, while simultaneously skimming a 400 page book, (The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang; I highly recommend it. It was fantastic, albeit a little depressing) in just about 3 hours. I don't understand why we can't all have access to this drug. Sure there are the usual harmful side-effects, but I literally feel like a super student when I'm on it. It's the only time I can stay focused enough to actually get large amounts of work done.

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