Essay on The Reasons for the Success of Zte

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1. Introduction 2.1 Aim
Using the knowledge learned in Organisation and Behaviour, combined with information and research to identify reasons for the success of ZTE. 2.2 Scope
In the first stage of this report, the historical background of ZTE will be introduced. Secondly , compare zte and foxconn organizational and culture, next Introduced the culture and organizational structure's ZTE the relations and on the impact of the business, then talk the employees in zte behavior and leadership styles, Introduces the principle in the application of maslow's resurgence , in the end , Summarize the influence of some factors of zte development. 1.3 Background
ZTE Corporation is China's largest listed telecommunications
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Zte products are made from customer decision.

▪ Learning culture: without learning people are actually choice behind. Enterprise provide study training opportunities, this is the largest enterprise to employee welfare. Zte has stressed the need to set up a learning organization; learning culture is a kind of hidden income of staff. A year into for employee training funds millions dollars, the employee's knowledge constantly update, always has a strong competitive era.

2.3 Culture of FOXCONN
▪ Hard work culture:
▪ Responsible culture;
▪ Solidarity and cooperation and sharing of resources culture;
▪ Have contributions will be rewarded culture.

2.4 Comparison of different | Company | | ZTE | FOXCONN | StructureCulture | Advantages | ▪ Zte is taken Matrix structure, This structure enhanced co-ordination among different departments ZTE exchange of information, to overcome the linear function of the structure of the phenomenon of disjointed departments.▪ It is flexible and so greatly improved the utilization rate of personnel.▪ The functions of the personnel directly involved in the project, but also in the issue have a say in important decisions, increase the participants sense of responsibility and enthusiasm. | ▪ This is flat organization. More opportunity for delegation and relatively cheap.▪ In theory, the advantages of this organizational structure are that it
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