The Reflection Of Philosophy: The Philosophy Of Education

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The word philosophy is of a Greek in origin, it stems from the word phílosophía, meaning ‘the love of wisdom.’ In the simplest form philosophy is the study of knowledge. The phrase ‘philosophy of education’ on the other hand, according to Chandra and Sharma (2004) is a synthesis of educational facts with educational values. He maintains, it is a philosophical process of solving educational problems through philosophical method, from philosophical attitude to arrive at philosophical conclusion and results.
The current education system has been shaped through the influence of both traditional philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle as well as contemporary philosophers inclusive of Freire and Dewey. It is our duty as educators to be able to recognize and adapt the ways of particular philosophies to guide the teaching and learning process. I believe in the power of education and importance of this commodity in producing a more productive and developed society. The purpose of education goes beyond the teaching subjects; it also encapsulates the teaching …show more content…

We are certainly living in a society that is constantly changing, where as technology is increasing. Provided that, students must be equipped with the necessary knowledge to cope and contribute to the changing society. In executing this factor, the changes will take into account the curriculum present in the education system, how teachers teach, the teaching methods and instruments used in teaching and the means of assessment. The change is already here, in time past there was no online based learning but students had to travel to school for face to face sessions. The society has evolved into an advanced technological realm whereas learning takes place online more than in an enclosed classroom space. Change is inevitable, and therefore our students need to be prepared or they will be at

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