The Relation Between Globalization And Religious Debolism And Globalization

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The today’s world has embraced the element of globalization in the attempt to improve the political, social and economic well-being of all nations. Globalization mostly goes hand in hand with the advancement in technology spreading to all corners of the world for high benefits of member countries because of increased idea sharing and cohesion. In the past, there were littler concerns regarding globalization as individual nations focused on building their own countries without requiring any external assistance. For that matter, some of the European countries notably Germany had already made a wall that apparently indicated self-contention hence proving globalization unworthy. Nevertheless, globalization has currently been one of the topics for discussion owing to the many benefits underlying it as far as the progress of individual nations is concerned. In the same way, religious fundamentalism has emerged to take care of the protectionism concerning personal and group beliefs. Evaluation of relation between globalization and religious fundamentalism will play an integral role in understanding the subject.

Undoubtedly, globalization has contributed to the growth of religious fundamentalism. As a rule, Christianity and Islamic religion form the basis for religious divide each being driven by varying beliefs that collectively guide the lives of the people (Williams, 1970). Concisely, religious fundamentalism seeks to hold on to traditions and cultural concerns that are

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