The Relationship Between Landfilling And Incineration On Environmental Health

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In this review, we will compare between landfilling and incineration regarding their impact on environmental health. This public health issue has been always a subject on a hot tin roof and constitutes a concern for environmental health practitioners. We will compare different countries that have different health systems and see the if there are differences among them. This will give us more clear conceptions about what are the factors that we need to consider if we want to establish a MSW management form.

Table 1: Solid waste chemical composition (El-Fadel, Findikakis, & Leckie, 1997).
Chemical Constituent Range percent dry weight

Average percent dry weight

Cellulose, sugar, starch 52–64·5 58

Hemicellulose 11·9 11·9

Lignin 5·4–15·2 11·2

Lipids 5·7 5·7

Protein 2·6–4·2 3·4

Graph1: Comparison of solid waste management methods in European countries (Eurostat, 1990). Statement of the Problem

There are differences between health systems around the world regarding the environmental health impacts of MSW incineration and landfilling and these differences make the management technology choices differ from one health system to another.


Method 1
This is a cross-sectional study that was done in Sao Paulo City, Brazil for comparing the environmental health impact of landfilling and incineration. Mendes et al. used life cycle assessment (LCA) for this study and started with assessment of treatment and disposal of MSW to compare five different

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