The Relationship Of Feminism And The Three Factors

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The Relationship of Feminism and the Three Factors
In the past, women were possessions of men. Furthermore, women were compelled to follow every single order from men unconditionally. However, in contrast to this century, women today have more freedom as they go to work. How history, fashion, and career women have greatly influenced feminism.
According to history, feminism is the “chronological narrative of the movements and ideologies aimed at equal rights for women. While feminists around the world have different causes, and goals, depending on time, culture, and country, working to obtain women’s rights”. (History of Feminism) It should be considered as feminist movements. There were four important waves of feminism throughout history. These four waves greatly influenced feminism, and each wave was an important turning point in history. (History of Feminism) …show more content…

However, with “early feminism”, there were three important waves that were the process how people try to make men and women equal. Many people tried to get equality between men and women, women’s suffrage, female education rights, better working conditions. And these people sometimes hole the demonstration. This action is called the “first wave of feminism”, and it occurred during 19th and 20th centuries. The wave that occurred after the “first wave of feminism” is called the “second wave of feminism”. This wave was different from the “first wave of feminism”. During this wave, the people discussed about “cultural inequalities, gender norms, and the role of women in society” (A History of Feminism). However, fruitlessly, women could not get the equality between men, this wave is called the “third wave of feminism”. (Simply History of

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