The Relationsual Analysis Of Roland Barthes's Theory Of Advertising

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What is advertising? Advertising is the act or practice of calling public attention to one's product, services, and needs. In American culture, advertising has become a phenomenon to be reckoned with consumer behavior and trend analysis. Brands have to pick the main ideology that pertains to the largest amount of targeted customers. Once the leading ideology is found, companies try to market along what people idolize or admire, in order to create authentic content the public relates to and gravitates towards. In “The Rhetoric of the Image”, Roland Barthes uses an Italian advert called Panzani, as a working example to systematically dissect the image and extract the euphoric values it portrays in common culture. Barthes believes that in a visual advertisement, the signification of the image is intentional, decided upon prior to its creation, and transmitted as clearly as possible by the advertisers. As does Barthes, we are going to apply his theory and template in analyzing two specific images from a modern and global ad campaign called “Reveal” by Calvin Klein. The two ads, one “A New Fragrance For Him” and the other “A New Fragrance For Her”, go hand in hand in a campaign for a new perfume called “Reveal” by Calvin Klein, targeting both men and women. The seductive new fragrance advert features famous British actor Charlie Hunnam and supermodel Doutzen Kroes in a raunchy sexually charged embrace. At first glance, one would simply see a woman embracing a man in a suit with

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