The Religious Beliefs of Muslims and Christians: A Comparative Analysis

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Part I The question of origin in Islam is generally attributed to the mercy and divine will of Allah. Allah, which is the spiritual deity who is believed in Islam to be the only true god, is credited for many different facets of humanity, one of the most eminent which is the creation of mankind, which Muslims believe took place due to Allah's will. Therefore, the question of origin in Islam is directly attributed to Allah's creation of man in much the same way that Muslims believe Allah created everything else that is in existence. The question of identity is a fairly simple one in Islam, which teaches that adherent to this particular religion are god's chosen people. Islam teaches that those who are not Muslim or who do not follow the central tenets of this religion have been led astray and are not following the righteous path of Allah. Those who are identified as being the people who are favored by Allah, both in this life and the next. Muslims believe that ultimately, they have been created and exposed to the divine will and word of God which has been recorded in the Koran according to Islamic belief in order to both love and serve him. Service to Allah, in the expression of one's love to him via the adherence to his commands and way of life, is the purpose of existence for Muslims. Many question of morality have been expressly denoted within the Koran as testimonies to the will of God on a variety of subjects, pertaining to both temporal and ecclesiastical law.
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