The Revolution Of The 1911 Revolution

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There are two historical event scholars believes can be treated as milestone: 1911 revolution, which brings an end to the two thousand year of monarchy and the May fourth movement which were carried out by students in Beijing protesting against the unfair treatment. This paper will make the argument that the May fourth movement was more important than the 1911 revolution. The May fourth movement is the defining event that marked the passage from a tradition based society to modernity in twentieth century Chinese history. The May Fourth Movements was a significant turning point in Chinese history challenging traditional Chinese values.
THE WUCHANG UPRISING/ SUN YAT-SEN The revolution was a part of extensive popular uprisings …show more content…

Unless China did this, Sun was convinced that she was doomed to remain backward by western standards. He is the only figure from the early revolutionary period who is honored as the "Father of the Nation" by people in both the People 's Republic of China, and the Republic of China (Taiwan). Sun Yat-sen was in the United States when the 1911 revolution broke out at Wuchang on October, 10, 1911. Caught off guard, Sun missed the rebellion that brought down the child emperor, Puyi, and ended the imperial period of Chinese history. As soon as he heard that the Qing Dynasty had fallen, Sun raced back to China, elected the provisional president of the new born Republic of China months later.
The 1911 revolution was the first revolution to occur in China in the twentieth century. The 1911 Revolution was a revolution that overthrew China 's last imperial dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, it put an end to the centuries old traditional system and created one of the first Republic of China. The goal of the revolution was to unite China, to throw off imperialist oppression and humiliation, and to build an advanced, modern country. The revolution began when an agreement was signed April 5, 1911 with a four-power group of foreign bankers for the construction of lines on the Hukwang Railway in central China. There were several chain of events immediately leading to the revolution were China had been defeated and humiliated.

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