The Ridge Center 's Day Hospital

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Chestnut Ridge Center’s ‘Day Hospital’ is a partial hospitalization program for individuals, eighteen and older, who do not meet criteria for inpatient services but still require intensive therapy services and for individuals transitioning from inpatient care. Day Hospital is a highly structured program that meets Monday through Friday, with an average duration of admission of 2 weeks. Day Hospital is designed to provide concentrated treatment to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness or co-occurring disorders with the goal of helping them return to a healthy and stable everyday life. Patients are provided with a multidisciplinary team including psychiatrists, therapists, social workers, nurse practitioners, mental health specialists and dieticians. Patients participate in individual therapy once a week, and spend approximately 4 hours each day in group therapy where Mental Health Specialists lead group activities teaching healthy living skills. They are also provided with medication management. After discharge from Day Hospital patients are arranged follow-up outpatient therapy or referred to the Assertive Community Treatment Program to ensure a smooth transition from intensive care. The following information was obtained by shadowing interviews and therapy sessions with numerous mental health professionals and the client, John Doe. John Doe is a 46 year-old, newly single, Caucasian male who was recently admitted to Chestnut Ridge Center’s Day Hospital,
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