The Rifle Into The Federal Army

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With a new century, came new advancements in technology, and weaponry. Muskets used in the American Revolutionary War were outdated and inaccurate when it came to the Civil War. The introduction of the rifle into the Federal Army put the Northern Army leagues ahead of the Southern Army at the battlefield. Because of the highly industrial based economy in the North, the usage of rifled bore firearms became widespread in the Federal Army. Moreover, rifles also saw improvements in loading efficiency, changing the main method of loading to breech loading. Breech loading a rifle, when compared to the archaic method of ramming the bullet down the barrel or muzzle loading, greatly reduced the chance of injury caused by the rifle. In …show more content…

This allowed the cylinder of the pistol to spin freely while in half cock, enabling the soldier/wielder to easily reload whenever he/she felt necessary. With such numerous advantages over the flintlock pistols , the Colt Revolver essentially revolutionized the way weapons were created and their mechanisms. In the current day, most firearms operate with a magazine which holds the bullets that are to be fired from the weapon. Similarly, in the Colt Revolver, there was a cylinder containing the bullets that were to be shot from the Revolver thereby maximizing the efficiency of weapons.
In addition to advancements in smaller firearms, the US military also saw improvements in the sector of long range rifles. Muzzle loading muskets from the Revolutionary War were highly inefficient and and extremely dangerous to use. When on the battlefield, trying to load a muzzle loading musket became very complicated. If the soldier loaded a bullet but it got jammed, and they tried to fire, the musket would explode in their face, causing many unnecessary injuries to the soldier force (National Park Service, “Evolution of the Breechloader”). With the invention of the breech loader, loading a rifle became exceedingly simple. In a breech loading rifle, the soldier loads a cartridge containing the bullet and the gunpowder into a chamber. They would then proceed to fire the weapon. This method of loading a weapon was

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