The Rights Of The United States

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Every human is born into this world as an equal. We as Americans believe that everyone deserves and are entitled to the same rights as anyone else. But are there exceptions to the rights of citizens? Are there times when it is acceptable for citizens to be denied rights? Throughout history most nations have had some sort laws in place regarding the defense of the nation. The United States being no different, has undergone several changes throughout the course of our country’s history in regards to the rights of citizens that serve. For example in 1948 President Truman signed an Executive Order desegregating the military. Similarly, this past December Defense Secretary Ashton Carter removed a formal ban forbidding women from serve in direct combat roles. But is this a move that strengthens equality among those who serve our country, or is it merely an illusion of equality that weakens our military. This is the question we will attempt to answer. Let us first examine whether this act truly does create equality in the military. Women have been prevented from participating in combat roles since 1948. This act without a doubt puts women on a more equal shelf with the men they serve with, allowing them to serve in any job including infantry as well as special operations. An issue that is overlooked is that women and men are still not equals in all aspects of the military. In fact, there are many blatant segregations from men and women in the military. So then why are there not

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