The Rise of Social Media and Its Impact on Mainstream Journalism

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WORKING PAPER e rise of social media and its impact on mainstream journalism: A study of how newspapers and broadcasters in the UK and US are responding to a wave of participatory social media, and a historic shi in control towards individual consumers. Nic Newman September 2009 Contents Executive summary and key conclusions 1. Framing the debate 2. Mainstream media motivations, doubts and dilemmas 2.1 Definitions and motivations 2.2 BBC 2.3 Guardian and Telegraph 2.4 New York Times 2.5 CNN 2.6 Comparisons of activity 2.7 Lessons and conclusions 3. Changing coverage 3.1 Iranian elections 3.2 G20 case study 4. Changing journalistic practice; telling stories with the audience 4.1 Robert Peston (BBC): Peston’s Picks blog 4.2…show more content…
6. Social recommendation has begun to play a significant role in driving traffic to traditional news content. Most organisations are devoting significant resources to exploit social networks to drive reach. Over 2 time, social media sites could become as important as search engines as a driver of traffic and revenue. The issues and conclusions are framed within a wider debate about the importance of these developments to the changing shape of mainstream media organisations, to levels of civic engagement, debates about quality, trust and accuracy, and to discussions about the practice and future of journalism itself. KEYWORDS: social media; social networks; blogs; user generated content; online; newspapers; broadcasting; future journalism; Facebook; Twitter 3 1. Framing the debate Ten years ago, an influential McKinsey report1 concluded that new technologies were set to increase our capacity to interact by a factor of between two and five. They argued that our enhanced interactive capacity would ‘create new ways to configure businesses, organise companies, and serve customers’. These developments are not just playing out between businesses, they are profoundly impacting almost every sphere of life – with journalism on the front line. In developed societies the adoption of email, instant messaging
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