The Role Of Autocratic Management On The Psychological Safety Of The Team

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Re: Autocratic Managers
“Organizational Management and Leadership” defines an autocratic manager as “One who makes decision and then informs the group about the decision.”
Satterlee, A. (2013). ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP: A Christian Perspective (2nd ed.). Raleigh: Synergistics International Inc.

Summary: Annebel H.B. De Hoogh, Lindred L. Greer, and Deanne N. Den Hartog are respected instrctors at the universities of Standford and Amsterdam. They instruct in their respective universities’ School of Business. Within this article these instructors explain the impacts of autocratic management on the psychological safety of the team. They did a study of 60 retail outlets to explain their different hypotheses. The first hypothesis explains that power struggles help control the effects of autocratic leadership. The explain that when power struggles are low than the psychological safety is positive in terms of autocratic management, but when the power struggles are high, the psychological safety is negative in terms of autocratic management. The second hypothesis states, “Psychological safety is positively related to team performance” (De Hoogh, Greer, & Den Hartog, 2015). The final hypothesis in their article explains that autocratic leadership is related to team performance because power struggles and autocratic management effect psychological safety, therefore it is related to performance. Through these three hypotheses,
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