The Role Of Public Health And Disease Prevention

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• Describe the roles of public health and disease prevention in helping specific vulnerable populations within the selected country, and compare those to the USA’s. Be sure to include the terms listed in Student Learning Outcome #3 (above) as you write this section. (25 pts IV. Healthcare Costs A. Healthcare costs in Germany 1. Where does the money for healthcare go? (money out) a. Hospitals b. Healthcare workers c. Prescription drugs Germany’s cost-control efforts reflect its firm commitment to two goals: to ensure that all its citizens receive the same level of high-quality care and to keep health care spending in line with the health system’s …show more content…

Italy has a public based system which is paid for by tax income as well as private insurance markets (Italian health care system vs. the US health care system, Bezzone, F.). America’s public coverage is limited to Medicare and Medicaid, with the major provider of health care coverage to citizens being private sectors. The United States (US) expenses have increased since implementing the ACA, unfortunately the service received it not much better than what’s received in Italy. US citizens end up paying more than others depending on the insurance provider whereas in Italy everyone pays the same price if any. On the contrary citizens of Italy are required to pay fifty percent (50%) income tax which is calculated by their income, while complaining about the quality of care they receive. The hospital rooms are overcrowded with 3-6 patients occupying on room, the nurses and doctors are overworked and underpaid which also affects the quality of care due to lack of motivation. Medical expenses in the US are twice as high as those of Italy, mainly due to providers performing extensive test repeatedly, ordering unnecessary procedures to rule out diagnosis yet ironically Americans are spending two (2) times more on health care while the life expectancy in Italy is four (4) years higher than the US. In the United States citizens are

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