The Role Of School Leadership Models On The Classroom Context

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Organisations in Western society have undertaken changes during the last decade, creating an ‘era of empowerment’ for the individual, collectively known as collaborative individualism (Limerick, Cunnington & Crowther, 2002). This change has come about to deconstruct the traditional hierarchical leadership models, and highlights the requirement for individuals to work collaboratively towards a common vision, without the need for hierarchical structure and bureaucratic rules (Limerick, Cunnington & Crowther, 2002). As such, researchers have observed the changes with modern organisations utilising this ideology, and noted the battles within for power, and ultimately the implications these battles uphold for management (Gillies,
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Even in a business approach, academic outcomes are considered paramount for the success of the school, as it underpins the reputation of the organisation is at stake. Such pressures lead to an increased demand on school leaders (principals), who are further exposed to an intensified accountability to parents, students, staff and all stakeholders (Browning, 2013; Leithwood et al, 2008). This accountability is added to pressure of continually changing curriculum, and subsequent opportunities to assess students’ academic outcomes through internal and external standardised testing such as NAPLAN and QCS. With the publication of such results being highly accessible, the school’s reputation can be easily tarnished by a less than ideal rating, thus affecting market view of the organisation.

The Organisational Context:
The school is single – sex, independent school with a prestigious reputation, accommodating students from K –12. It upholds traditional ethos and Christian values, and is based in a high socio-economic area. Approximately 14% of the student body includes pupils from remote and international locations in its boarding facilities. The school is proud of its holistic education methodology, which offers and expansive co –
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