The Role Of Teachers In Education

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All public school educators are held to very high standards of behavior because they are entrusted with the well-being of our children. The public expects for teachers’ behavior to exemplify ethical and moral integrity. Teachers serve as role models to our children they should be aware of the conduct they display both on and off the job. The conduct displayed can have a great impact on their professional image. When educators make poor judgment this can adversely impact students, damage teachers’ integrity and corrupt public trust in school systems and their profession. With the advances in technology and access to social media, the challenges have increased significantly for all educators. Educators must stay focused and develop a keen sense of awareness to a variety of problems and circumstances that they may encounter in their daily contact with students, families and the community. It is very important that teachers and administrators make moral decisions to ensure that their professional preparation meets the highest possible moral principles of conduct.
Schools and other sectors of education spend very little time on teacher ethics and morality, failing to mentor teachers in the hopes that candidates gain what is necessary from the course, in order to be successful in the classroom. While the world is whirling from shortages of teachers; attentiveness must be maintained as adults are placed into very challenging circumstances with teenagers. In order to rectify
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