The Role Of The Administration And Construction Of A Functioning Staff

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It is reverent that HR play a key role in the administration and the construction of a functioning staff. It is the goal of the principal to hire effective personnel to his team, and that these individuals bring forth experiences that might make the team stronger. The principal must think of his weaknesses and try to fulfill people who will pick up the slack in these areas. He also wants individuals who know how to multitask and organize. The principal also need individuals who will tell him if he is wrong, or if there is an easier way to accomplish his mission.
According to the passage, we read the principle can do his hiring to convenient himself or he can just pick from the list that the district provides. I believe the principal needs to think of his school as a game of chess. A principal needs to place the right people in the right roles. A principal wants to know his teachers and administration. He needs to know what they can handle and what they have accomplished in their careers. In addition, he needs to know about their life style and see what issues individual might be facing and if they are trying to progress as a teacher. He might have individuals who are hanging on to retire. Which is ok, if they do their job. However, he does not need individuals who are disgruntle and tend to rub off negativity views on new employees. A principal wants individuals who want to grow and has set goals for themselves. He does not need stagnant individuals who want

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