The Role Of Women In Japan

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The role of women in Japan has been influenced by the many changes that the country has integrated over the years. In the past, women were full time housewives. They would work until marriage, and then retire to take care of their household, as men were seen as the sole breadwinners of the house. There are a large number of behavioral expectations for women, like cleanliness, modesty, courtesy and much more. Japanese women were expected to take care of the personal appearance, their homes, and attend to guests by preparing food or tea. In ancient Japan, women were given the smallest roles in society. Women in Japan were not able to divorce their husbands’, however, husbands were able to divorce their wives if they felt that they were not fulfilling their duties. Though, a great deal has changed in Japan after World War II. Japanese people’s attitude toward divorce had changed as much as their attitude toward marriage. New laws had been placed and with the western influence, people became more open minded. According to Yoko Tokuhiro, it is common to find that Japanese women delay marriage until later to experience life more before settling down. Women even work after marriage or childbirth and some even choose to become career women (Marriage in Contemporary Japan, 44). Women now have the right to own properties, vote and work. Japan continues to adopt western culture, and as a result, women now have a larger role in society.
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